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Election of Officers 2017

The Chairman of the association welcomed and congratulated the new elected officers and wished them well in their respective roles, he also paid tribute to the outgoing officers of the association for their commitment,dedication and diligence to the association during their term of office 2016

The under mentioned members were elected as officers of the association for the forthcoming year and will take up their respective roles with effect from 15th January 2017

The association members  wish them well in their  tenure of office
   The Branch Officers of the Irish Legion
Ted Fitzpatrick
Charlie Cambridge
Tom Deasy
Dave McEvoy
The Irish Legion Association   An Leigiun na h-Eireann
In 1999 The Irish Legion Association was formed by ex- service members of the Irish Defence Forces ( PDF and RDF) in Cork City.
The Aim of the Irish Legion
Due to a large number of ex-Service personnel not associated with any other ex-service organisations and associations after their service, mainly due to

·Short Service Record, 
·Non- United Nations Overseas Service
·Or lack of interest in any ex-service organisation

It was therefore our aim to canvass this group of people, so as to gauge their level of interest in forming an association to include all ex- service personnel not catered for, under the criteria as listed above.

The aim of the Association is to promote Personal/Social and Cultural ties with other ex-members of the Defence Forces (Army, Naval Service Air Corps, RDF (Reserve Defence Force / formerly FCA, and Slua Mairi) and other ex-service personnel National and International
· Social &Personal
· Community Projects
· Fundraising Projects
· Ceremonial
The Irish Legion Association is actively promoting and recruiting for new members
· Full Membership (Ex-Defence Forces and Civil Forces)
· Associated Membership (Civilian and personnel from other Civil Organisations and Associations National and International
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