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1.     Membership of The Irish Legion is open to all Ex-Members of the PDF and RDF.

2.     Membership will be instated by the completion of an Application Form.

3.     The cost of Membership is €20.00 in the first year and €10.00 per year thereafter.  These fees may be changed from time to time by Annual Convention.

1.     Applicants must have served at least one (1) year with the PDF or RDF and have at least a "Good Conduct" rating on discharge.

2.     Applicants may have at least one (1) year of State Service with at least a "Good Conduct" rating.

3.     Applicants must agree to be bound by the Irish Legion Constution, Rules and Standing Orders as ratified at Annual Convention.

4.     A Member, when accepted to the Irish Legion, may only retain Membership of one (1) Division of The Irish Legion.

5.     A Member may transfer to another Division of The Irish Legion by completing a Transfer Application Form.

6.     Membership of other Service / Ex-Service Associations or Organisations does NOT disqualify persons from becoming or retaining Membership of The Irish Legion.

Click the crest for a printable application form

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